Crèditsalut Plus Col·lectiu

Crèditsalut Plus Col·lectiu, a health insurance policy covering part of the cost of medical treatment and operations not reimbursed by the CASS, whether through Via Preferent or not, on up to 100% of the CASS fee. Extended with a series of special guarantees for groups



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  • Crèditsalut Plus Col·lectiu is designed for companies that wish to insure staff who have been registered with Social Security as employees or on a voluntary basis (and their relatives who are beneficiaries).


  • You can choose individual or family cover.
  • 10% discount on the individual rate.
  • 30% discount on the premium for spouses and de facto partners.
  • In general terms, there are no restrictions on the number of visits.
  • The costs of hospitalisation (the part not covered by the CASS) at the Hospital de Nostra Senyora de Meritxell are processed directly by Crèdit Assegurances and the Hospital.
  • Large branch network to present medical bills pending reimbursement.
  • Using the e-mail address, you can send scanned bills directly to Crèdit Assegurances.


  • Cover for the reimbursement of medical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses up to 100% of the amounts payable forhealthcare according to CASS regulations inside and outside Via Preferent (healthcare itinerary).
  • In the event of the death of the insured (between the ages of 18 and 70), Crèditsalut pays the beneficiaries compensation of 6,000 euros.
  • Homeopathy (diagnoses and treatment): up to 100% of the real cost covered by the CASS.
  • Speech therapy: up to a maximum of 20 visits every calendar year.
  • Orthopsy (visual re-education): up to a maximum of 10 visits per calendar year.
  • Psychiatry: up to a maximum of 10 visits per calendar year.
  • Internal dental and non-dental prostheses: the amount paid by the CASS and one per calendar year.
  • Up to 100% of the CASS fee in private centres.

Exclusion periods

There are no exception periods for Crèditsalut Plus Col·lectiu.

Exclusion periods

There are no exception periods for Crèditsalut Plus Col·lectiu.


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